Keep Tinkering

Only the curious has something to find.
I found amongst much, the itch to create.

Here’s a fraction of my diverse, accumulated works – more to be added in coming weeks

Singapore Airlines SGP

How we brought innovation to the Grand Prix

Better Together

How we helped OREO be digital & social in Asia

Novotel Melaka

How we devised a brand plan for a hotel launch in 10 days

Stroke My Ox

How I coded an award winning Chinese New Year site

Who Will You Meet Today

How we built a flash campaign in 14 days

Experience COMO

How we made a hotel's site irresistible as the vacation


How we help people discover fresh experiences

Once Upon A Love Story

How we rejuvenated a beauty brand with personal storytelling

Accelerating Cloud in APAC

How we made data beautiful and numbers simple

Expediance It

How we turned travel excitement into a brand word

Gratitude Journal

How I coded and designed a platform back in 2007

Nab Nimble Nate

How we got people to have fun with Nokia

Unified Spaces
Diverse Experiences

How we built a design equation for 20+ sites revamp