Bondfire’s serendipity engine lets you discover experiences you love. Just tune it and go.

Preview pertinent data like weather, so you’re informed before you settle

 Semantics Tuner
Get closer to your ideal bondfire by tuning the influence that matters

Undo your choices and chart a different path anytime

Plan or be spontaneous, every day can be extraordinary

Scroll through your schedule on a personalised social stream

Stay updated with real-time info, photos, and notifications

Get inspired by your friends’ shared activities

Pinch-open tear markings to fill it with a new bondfire, or pinch-close screen to see overview

Your experience begins way before the bondfire

Plural Experience
Indulge in a deeper event story with the best collective photos

Reserve your spot to receive exclusive notification of updates

Sweet Summary
Read the vital summary in segmented clarity instead of combing pages for it

Find related events or go to what’s trending

 The Bondfire ecosystem works on a Publisher–Patron relationship

Keystones of the app