Not All Who Wander Are Lost

The world is my book & curiosity my teacher. My name is Magnus.
Welcome to the official memoir of my wanderings.

Who I Am


the “Systems Builders” of the types (Carl Jung, MBTI), perhaps in part because they possess the unusual trait of combining imagination and reliability – Wikipedia

I am a mastermind.

They Follow Courage

A good team is vital, yet without strong leadership, success is elusive. I lead by example and keep it simple – listen to your team, provide opportunities to grow and hold them to a sharp vision.

I am a leader.

Ding In The Universe

Armed with the instinct to make things better, an attitude to fail forward, I am one who conceives ideas and transforms them into reality. Life less adventurous or purposeful is unpersuasive to my ambition.

I am an entrepreneur.

Thinking Differently

Whether designing experiences, conceptualising art, writing expressively or seeding big ideas – all effort spring from a lifelong habit of thinking differently, and curiosity, occasionally catastrophic.

I am a designer.

Connecting Dots

My plans are designed to provide clarity on what needs to be done, and why. They are born of rigorous research, deep analysis, iterative scrutiny, and beautiful craft, for engaging presentations.

I am a planner.

Geek Speak

A tech background lets me appreciate not only technologies and their potential, but also intricately, developer challenges, development process, and concepts ’cause I’m a full stack coder tinkering since ‘94.

I am a coder.

Who I’ve Helped

Over 30 clients, local & MNC, across technology, hospitality, financial, travel, FMCG, beauty, etc

What Teammates Said

"The best team leader I've worked with.
He always gives a deep thought for every project, no matter big or small."

− Moses Gunarman, Senior Art Director @ Havas People

"Magnus is an ideas person. It is seldom you find a very technical person in the business that marries the perfect blend of craft and objective oriented ideas together in a seamless execution."

− Leon Traazil, Head of Digital & Social Marketing @ HTC South Asia

"It’s rare, but he’s a great mix of systematic and creative. He’s also what some would call a man with a plan. He knows what he wants, and he does whatever it takes to make things happen."

− Junqi Liao, Copywriter @ Dentsu Singapore

"The curious inventor that resides in his personality inspires solid ideas and he is always ready to see through the execution with responsibility and resourcefulness."

− Shan Yi, Programme Consultant @ Decision Science

"He give me courage and motivate me to see and think things in a different perspective. He go the extra mile to help me when I'm down and encourage me to continue what I love doing."

− Calvin Soon, Producer @ Visionary Films

"Magnus is a leader, a mentor and a great friend. He has vision and a plan in whatever he is inspired to achieve. Most importantly, he has the courage to strive for the things he want and believe in..."

− Yeeling Chua, UX Designer @ Freelance

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